Tohi Nature Trail


An Ancient Path


I was very intrigued by the “Ancient Path” signs, but unfortunately, one would need a hatchet or some sort of pruning tools to walk very far on this path. I did, at least, stop and think about the poor Native Americans who were forced to march through her, often barefoot, sick or dying.

Star Falls Overlook

The series of wooden stairs leading down to the Star Falls overlook platform were badly damaged in a storm last winter. It was very sad seeing the yellow tape and “Closed” sign. 

Luckily they had them fixed rather quickly, which surprised me, because in L.A. we’d be waiting for years for something like that to be repaired.

Thank you, Cherokee Village SID and other entities involved in restoring our beautiful view of the South Fork!


Cedar Valley Trail

This little 20-minute, out & back trail is one I can walk to from Mom’s house!

I wonder if they’d mind me swinging on that nice swing.

How do we get to the picnic table?🤔

We cross that little bridge & nearly fall off when something plops into the water & slithers under a rock.😳

South Fork

Can’t wait to go kayaking on it!


Tohi Nature Trail

This is a completely paved trail, which is nice for all the senior citizens in the Village that use walkers or wheelchairs. I’m hoping to get my mom and her walker on it one of these days. I guess it’s also good for baby strollers.

It’s a very short trail. Took me 10 minutes to complete the loop and that included stopping to take a few pictures.

Dogwood Tree

Web worms or bag worms 😬


Adahi Trail

This beautiful trail leads to a waterfall which is actually a spillway for Lake Thunderbird. I picked up a trails map at the Town Center and it looks like if I had kept going to the left I would’ve ended up at the lake. I’ll try again next time. I didn’t have the map with me that day and was on my lunch break and another thunderstorm was on it’s way!

So the trailhead starts in this lovely little Community Park with red bud trees and a view of the falls in Papoose Park across the street. Those falls are actually a spillway for Lake Cherokee!

So sad. Terrible.😢 Let’s keep them in our hearts as we traipse through their beautiful land.

That trash can doesn’t look like a bear can so is it safe to assume I won’t run into any on my FIRST EVER solo hike?😬

It’s so pretty! Can’t tell you how much I love those redbud trees!

This is Big Otter Creek. It always overflows the low water bridge over there in front of Papoose Park after a hard rain.

Still in the park looking at Big Otter Creek, wishing I could just skip work and sit here all day. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around something bigger & deeper than the L.A. River being a creek.

There are lots of fun things like this along the trail.

After you leave the park and head into the woods the trail looks more like a trail.

Grape hyacinth?

Here’s where I decided I’d better buy some hiking boots. It rains weekly, if not daily, so the ground is probably always wet somewhere.

You can see Big Otter Creek up ahead. In the distance I could hear the roar of the falls and it was a bit unnerving I must say to hear such a force of water and not be able to see where or what it is. 😳😬

No clue what these sweet flowers are.

Big Otter Creek

I was sitting on a lovely bench here.

The falls sounded so much bigger than this so I can’t fathom how loud something like Niagra Falls must be!

This is where my hike ended and I followed a loop back to the car. That’s him over there by the Police Station.

Next time I’ll see if I can come out by the lake!